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When we submitted our house plans to The Sands for approval (Stage 2) we were also required to submit full Landscape design plans. The plans require a long list of details included (as you can see…).

The Sands has very strict guidelines for the landscape design, they provide a plant list of species with weed potential that should not be planted within The Sands. The placement of the clothes line, bins, airconditioning/heating, and the use of non native plants is looked at very closely. They also specify the back fence that must be used:

So we needed to find ourselves a Landscape designer that was familiar with these rules, lists and guidelines to get us through approval without any major hiccups. The plans also needed to be presented in a particular format, using CAD.

Michael from Pivot recommended Derek Weigall from Facet Design. He had undertaken several garden designs in The Sands, and multiple Pivot clients had used him before. Derek charged a set fee to produce the designs and submission documentation to The Sands requirements. He also incorporated the changes required by The Sands to gain approval.

He does not construct the garden, just design it. We would then (later down the track) take his design to several landscape gardeners to quote on constructing the garden, and undertake the planting. At this point all we needed was Derek’s design services, and to determine a budget we wanted him to design the garden to.

A little bit about Derek and Facet Design….

Derek Weigall completed a degree in Landscape Architecture (B. App. Science, R.M.I.T.) in 1985, and has since gained considerable experience working in a number of government departments and private sector offices. While employed with the Department of Planning and Development he undertook full design, documentation and contract supervision for numerous major projects including new schools and State Government housing projects. Later Derek co-founded Aspect Landscape Consultants in Melbourne which has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest landscape practices. Derek currently runs Facet Design which undertakes landscape architectural projects of various sizes throughout Victoria and interstate.

We called Derek with about 1 month lead time before Stage 2 submission. We gave him a vague list of what we were looking for:

– Large grass area in the back bordered by a garden bed, with path to gate in back fence;
– Feature garden next to internal deck;
– Stone pathways (instead of paving – to keep costs down);
– We loved Moonah Trees (feature in the two top photos to the right), so requested they were used where suitable;

We tried not to be too specific with our requirements, after all we were paying an expert for his opinions and creativity – we wanted to see what he came up with.

We only had to make a few changes to the first design concept he came back with (moving the clothes line closer to the laundry door, and moving the side fences closer to the front of the house to give Jack more ‘running’ room. See below for the final landscape design:

Full Landscape Drawings PDF_

Sample images …

Luckily Derek’s Design was approved by The Sands (once he had changed the front garden to work around the changes to the location of the garage, as mentioned in a previous post).
Interestingly we never met Derek… if we wanted to I’m sure we could have arranged it. Derek visited the block and took photos, then we did all our communication by email and over the phone – it worked beautifully for us.

Look out for our future post about finding a landscape gardener to take this plan and make it a reality.



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