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I feel like we are sprinting to the end at the moment… there’ s a lot to coordinate. I’ve been a bit quiet the last week or so because I’ve been really busy. I’ve (we’ve – can’t forget my husband does do a lot of this with me too) been arranging fencing (side and back), meeting with our landscaper Justin, sanding and re-covering stools and painting chairs (for when we move in), looking at letterboxes, choosing driveway finishes, meeting with Dave who’s doing our window furnishing, and starting to pack our life into boxes for the move… oh, and taking care of Heidi! I am SO glad I am not working when all this needs to be done – where would I find the time??

Before mothers group yesterday I stopped by to check out the fencing that was going up. The coordination and timing of different jobs is quite important at this stage in the build:

– fencing needs to get done before the landscaping starts (so the fencing guy doesn’t ruin the garden, and Justin can do the garden right to the fence-line);

– the ideal time to plant a new garden is now, to give it the best chance of establishing roots before the heat of summer arrives, so we are getting that done before the house is finished;

– driveway ideally needs to be done before the landscaping, so Justin can get all the garden and path levels aligned to the driveway level;

– The stairs from the decks need to be in so Justin can pave/landscape around them;

– The external painting needs to be completed so Dom the painter doesn’t have scaffolding up while Justin needs to landscape (or have to put it up after the landscaping is done).

I must add, the external painting is looking great, but I am going to save photos of that until it is done so you can see it completed. We are very impressed with our painter, he puts a lot of thought into his work, and how the colours should be used, and has come up with some great suggestions for us, and not just following the brief.

The fences

We have used Geelong Fencing supplies to do both our fences (after getting two quotes, these guys came in a little bit cheaper and were recommended to us)

The back fencing needs to follow very strict guidelines according to The Sands Body Corporate, it must be black pool fencing with a wooden bollard in the corner…

We have allowed for a gate in the back fence so we can walk out on to the golf course.

Here’s the work-in-progress on this fence a of yesterday (where the black posts are close together will be the gate)…

An action shot of the posts going in….

The wooden bollard in the corner, and the few meters of pool fence that must run up the side of the house…

The completed back fence…

The side fence must be double sided paling:

Looking across the back garden…

Looking from the back to the front of the house…

Looking from the front to the back of the house…

Hopefully the driveway will be completed in the coming week, allowing for the landscaping to be completed not long after that. Once the painting is finished inside all the other tradespeople can then complete the interior ready for us to move in – Yay!!

More soon, when I can find a spare minute to write.




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