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Thanks for following my blog Lot 271, all about our new house build. You’ve probably noticed there’s not much action happening here. That’s because we are busy planning the build of our next new home.

So, I though you might like to know about, and where you can follow all the action! Over on Instagram this time:

New builder, double block, bigger home and budget!

Yep, we couldn’t wait to do it all again. This time I’m documenting it all on Instagram.
So if you’re interest in seeing what we do this time, click on the link above and follow Lot 136!
See you over there.

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It’s been another one of those weeks full of surprises, I went to the house not expecting a huge amount to have happened, and was a little overwhelmed…

I ventured to the house to meet the cabinet maker to assist in the positioning of our vanity basins, and was greeted by a huge amount of progress.

– the enormous mound of dirt in the back garden had been spread around the block making the back garden look much bigger, and allowing for a better view of the 7th hole from the house…

– All the privacy screens are up  (along the garage-to-house walkway, outside the second bathroom window, and hiding the clothes line and water tank from the neighbours)…

The screen running the length of the walkway (to the right of the front entrance), the second panel from the right is a gate:

The privacy screens in the service yard to hide the water tank clothes line and garbage bins:

– The front door handle was on!!! Very thrilling….

– The ensuite cabinetry was being installed…

I needed to provide input into the positioning of the beautiful apaiser basins (because the basins are not symmetrical I wanted to make sure they were positioned correctly). For more info about our bathrooms, and the products/colours chosen view this post:

These are these apaiser pebble basins in ‘seed pearl’…

– The powder room and bathroom cabinetry had been installed…

One of the apaiser basins will sit on the bench in both of these rooms:

– The study nook had been completed…

– All the wardrobes were done…

– The pantry shelving was in (will be covered with laminate)…

– The most exciting part was the kitchen, almost complete…

My poor husband misses out on seeing all this progress (unlike me, he goes to work during the week!). He gets to keep up with it all on this blog like you! I must say, being on maternity leave during the build has been really handy, it has given me the flexibility to visit the site when I want  to have a quick look (with permission from the site supervisor) and when any tradespeople need me there.

There’s lots going on at the moment, so keep coming back for updates.



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